Monday, 06 July 2009

Day 62

Last week I attended a workshop about radio meditations. One of the national radio stations are looking for new voices to do the bible and prayer readings on air. I went there with a lot of religious baggage. When it comes to the religious minute between the news and the rest of the day, I usually switch over to another radio broadcast. So I decided to be real and honest about my struggle with religion, especially mainstream media’s take on it.

But what I failed to see was that this workshop was the start to something fresh and new. It was loaded with energy and possibillities.

Everyone was excited.

Except me.

I was still dragging the past along.

The day opened with a group discussion on our expectations for the day, as well as for radio meditations in general. The first thing coming out of my mouth was critique. I blabbered on about how I turn the radio off every time one the meditations came on. I gave everyone a piece of my mind whether they asked for it or not. When I eventually stopped, someone else spoke. He went the appreciative inquiry route. He validated the good from the old and gave hope and meaning to the new journey the radio station decided to embark upon.

Guess whose words sounded like Kingdom Come.

Guess who got a call back to be one of those new voices.

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