Thursday, 02 July 2009

Day 58

Today I had to make that dreaded unavoidable visit to a dressing room of a clothing store. Those little cubicles are the least flattering place on earth. What’s up with all the lights and mirrors? Do I really want to see that part of my body that I forgot existed? I bet they will make tons of more money if they soften the lights a bit, give the mirrors a slight tint and play some soothing music to prepare you for the disappointment in the pants you thought were just the right size, but did not even make it past your chubby knees.

Some religious places are like that. Eyes on you like florescent lights and a theology that mirrors all your faults.

What we need instead are sacred spaces filled with a gentle kindness that highlights our beauty instead of our flaws.

Through the centuries the followers of Jesus called this “Grace”.

But somewhere down the line Modern Christianity redecorated the Grace-space of Jesus. We replaced the candle lights with spot lights and instead of faded reflections we opted for religious x-rays.

No wonder so many people have the feeling that when it comes to church, they just don’t fit in.

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Blizzard said...

I think, in some ways, we inadvertently 'borrowed' these spotlights from an ignorant world that is looking to 'Christians' to provide the answers for living a fulfilling life. It expects of a group of people that never does anything wrong, and can serve as a example to all. Consequently, this expectation has lodged itself in the subconscious of God's children, leaving us with wrong expectations of ourselves, and therefore not seeing ourselves as He sees us.