Tuesday, 07 July 2009

Day 63

A Japanese businessman, Masara Emoto did something strange with two glasses of water. At the one he swore and shouted words of anger like “I hate you”, at the other he spoke gentle words of love and grace, like “I love you”. Then he froze the two and studied the formations of the crystals that formed in both.

The one looked ugly and demented, the other beautiful like snowflakes.

When you Google his name, you’ll find arguments against his findings.

“Not scientific enough.” “The man is a hoax.” “What does he know?”

Maybe all true, in a modernistic way of looking at life.

But there is a Truth behind his finding as old as life itself.

Words create reality.

Way before Emoto, a Jewish Rabbi said that the tongue is the most toxic thing on earth. To call a man an idiot is to commit a murder. Words can kill.

But words can also heal.

The beginning of the story of God as told by an ancient farmer in the book Genesis happens with words of Life being spoken. When God speaks, Life happens.

Millennia’s later Jesus told his friends to listen and obey his words.

It was words of love.

According to one of his close friends, all Jesus had to say was this:

“Love each other.”

It starts with words.


Sparky said...

...starts, but not ends. Eventually it has to go over into the "doing." Faith is all about deeds...

Cold feeling of guilt running down the spine? I always get them... When a preacher starts talking about the "doing", and I'm being compared with the missionaries and the mother Theresa's of this world, I feel terrible. Guilty. I feel rejected and not good enough.

Lately I've come to realize that I may be missing the point... somewhat. The "deeds" are the things you do everyday... not the deeds you go out of your way to go and do. The fact that you fetch your domestic walker so that she doesn't walk in the cold, the friendly smile to the stranger, the sandwich you packed for lunch for the hungry man on the sidewalk, the extra jersey on your backseat for the beggar that has none, chatting with a friend at work that seems lonely today, the flowers for your wife, stopping to help the crying woman with the flat tyre, the two plates of food for friends you know are having a really bad week, encouraging words to the new colleague that the project will be easy and you'll be there to help, etc., etc.

Aren't these the deeds that Jesus spoke of? Didn't He do the one "DEED" that's enough to save us anyway? Somewhere, I recall, Jesus said that someone who gives a cup of cold water to another, will not be forgotten...

I stopped feeling guilty - I am not a mother Theresa or a Billy Graham..., I am simply me, a doubtful believer.

harold said...

thanks Sparky. i needed that