Wednesday, 01 July 2009

Day 57

The problem with being a coffee snob is this: Not everyone you have coffee with buys freshly roasted coffee, grinds it just before making it and uses just the right amount of coffee to water ratio, not to mention the type of cup and temperature of the water used to make the coffee. No, most of the times someone offer me coffee, they mean the stuff coming out of that big yellow tin, which is fine if that is the way you drink your coffee.

But not me, I am a coffee snob.

So I ask for tea instead and I don’t even like tea.

That’s also the problem with being on a very specific spiritual journey. This doubtful believing path I have chosen to explore is in the end a very lonely path. Out there in Religion Country, most people prefer the more “straight and narrow” Way of life. So whenever someone offers me a cup of Spirituality, they mean to talk about God like the way they do at their church, or their bible study, or through the words of the latest paperback quick fix that they got from a friend who got from a friend who got it from their pastor whom in turn got it from the writer himself, which is fine if that is the way you unpack your Faith.

But not me, I am a doubtful believer.

So I change the topic and talk about the weather instead and I don’t even like winter...

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harold said...

you are right! why do we insist on talking about god like he's not our best friend. not our confidant. not OUR father. but some mystical diety that needs evoking on sundays between 9 and 10, just before we sleep and anytime someone close to us dies.

my god is my friend and he doesn't mind drinking ricoffy with me
my god is my dad and he doesn't mind talking about the weather with me
my god is my confidant and he loves to share secrets with me
my god loves to spend time with me
my god is giving me a hug right now