Monday, 04 January 2010

Tending to the limp

Last night at church someone asked me when I am going to take a holiday, since I have worked the graveyard shift all through the festive season. No I told him, I don't think this train is going to stop pretty soon. This year is already running at full steam. Some of my friends are still sunbathing somewhere on a Cape Town beach, but here in die heart of the economic capital of Africa the train has left and is going at full speed.

So first things first, that my new years plan.

Top of the list: Fixing the limp.

I just got off from a telephone conversation I dreaded for a long time, a meeting I avoided, a connection born in conflict. To keep on avoiding it will be to ignore the wound and keep on limping.

Another friend who went out of his way last year to do something good to me, is also waiting for my "thank you". Or so I think. For some or other reason, after I received his goodwill, I just went on with life, never looking back, never saying thanks. Given enough time and some one's goodwill towards you, becomes life's judgement of your true character. And I failed, spectacularly.

Now I am limping in the new year.

I need to get this limp fixed. I need to face the conflict that has the potential of dragging on and holding me back.

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