Sunday, 03 January 2010


It is the first Sunday of the new year. A decade since the dawn of a new millennium. I woke up last night while the rain was belting down, this morning it is as if the earth around my life has been washed clean. I find it symbolic and very meaningful, cause isn’t this what most of us hope for at the start of a new year: to be made new, to start off fresh, to be handed a clean slate.

But somehow life doesn’t work like that, for most of us anyway.

At the start of every new beginning you still carry a piece of the old journey with you. Maybe a treasure you discovered along your old way, or a limp from a fall on some tricky and dodgy road.

I have learned that these treasures and limps help us on our new journey.

As a human race we need to embark on a new journey, a new way of doing life. Although we’ve picked up (in most cases stolen and exploited... some stunning treasures, we have left the earth with a big limp. If we continue on this road it will lead to a dead end. But I believe that there is a way off this path towards a better road and hopefully towards a life giving end.

May we have the courage to take the detour, may we have the kindness of soul to tread lightly through the unknown wilderness and may we create a new path by walking it in love.

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