Sunday, 14 June 2009

Day 40

It’s been 40 days since this journey started.

40 is such a Biblical number.

Noah spent 40 days feeling seasick.

Moses and friends travelled 40 years on a journey that should have taken them less than a month.

Jesus wandered off into the wild for 40 days, occasionally running into an old acquaintance, the Devil.

40 days.

It started as a desperate cry in search of the Real Makoya, from there I took a detour towards the junkyard, carrying a box religious junk, only to discover (with the help of new found friends like Sparky, Beer, Karen, Keith, AlexS, Simple Soul, Pierre, Elliot and a few others) that I should rather build a compost heap and allow the shit to turn into life giving compost.

So as the year subtly slipped from autumn to winter and the garden of my soul slowly turned to shades of gray, the smell of religion decomposing has already settled underneath the surface of my compost heap.

The next 40 days I plan to take it easy, go slow, rest, dig deep and prepare the soil of my spirituality for the hope of New Life waiting in spring.

Stay tuned.

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