Monday, 01 June 2009

Day 27

I sat in traffic the whole day. Road works, accidents, taxis and general Joburg chaos. On Sunday someone said that it's easy to be a Christian, especially in South-Africa.

I disagree.

After a day like today the Jesus Way is even more difficult than I thought.

Sure it’s easy when Christianity is about going to church and reading the Bible. When faith is a cultural discipline that happens on a Sunday, it’s a walk in the park.

But to be patient during rush hour when you are already half an hour late, is tricky.

To hope, when a young man my age drags his blind sister through the endless rows of cars hoping someone will show them mercy, is tricky.

To keep your temper under control, when a taxi suddenly stops so that the driver can have a casual chat with someone walking by, is tricky.

To live with peaceful simplicity, when society runs like crazy towards a finish line that does not exist, is tricky.

To have faith in God’s goodness, when the whole world looks a mess, is tricky.

To walk the Jesus Way during 07:00 and 19:00 while trying to make an honest living without losing your sanity seems impossible on a day like today.


Sparky said...

Indeed... tricky and difficult. Of course the alternative is to become agnostic, self-centered, selfish and materialistic. To live for today, and only today.

Of course, with that you'll also become empty and shallow. Bitter and depressed as we were made to be God-like. Yes, God made us to be like Him and to be anything but that is like being an eagle thinking (s)he's a chicken.

It is easier to chop down a tree then the nurture a seedling to become a tree, easier to neglect a child then to raise him/her with love, easier to rob and plunder then to work and earn something, easier to build a house then burn one down, easier to lose a friend then make one...

However, one fills you and the other empties you.

Heidi said...

Ek weet presies wat jy se! My man se altyd hy dink God het ons Dubai toe gestuur om te leer hoe om geduldig te wees. Ons woon saam met mense van honderde verskillende lande, werk saam met hulle en sosialiseer saam met hulle. Ek het in Suid-Afrika nooit regtig besef wat dit is om spasie te deel met soveel ander mense met soveel verskillende maniere van dink en doen nie. Ons klou maar styf aan ons geloof in n land waar ons die minderheid is, en waar ons geduld elke dag getoets word.