Friday, 29 May 2009

Day 24

Early in the morning while the rich are still asleep, the poor starts walking. They walk to the taxi ranks, to the train stations and to the corners of the main roads where the busses are waiting. They walk on the sidewalks like shadows in the mist. They are the ghosts just before daybreak, the invisible people the world ignore.

Until they stop.

Then the cheap labour and the high profit margins come to a sudden stand still. The houses of the rich turn into mansions of dust and dirt. The gardens and roads of the cities and the towns become a place for all the things the world throws out. When the poor stops walking, the world slows down.

Two millennia’s ago a Prophet spoke of a Way of Life that is good news to the poor.

In the meantime we built a society that exploits the poor, keep them invisible, and overwhelms them with systems to big to change so that in the end the poor will always die in poverty and despair.

Still the words of the Prophet echoes in eternity: If it’s not Good News for the poor, it’s not the Kingdom of God.


Blizzard said...

My friend, you may have just given birth to a 'famous quote' with "When the poor stops walking, the world slows down."

But its so relevant and true...

adapeaches said...
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Sparky said...

Hi Fourie - any new posts on the horizon?