Sunday, 10 May 2009

Day 5

Late Sunday night. I‘m still chewing on the words of the Wandering Rabbi: “Sell everything and follow me. Let go of all the stuff, lighten your load and come take a walk.”
How far removed from the spirituality of the Real Jesus do we find ourselves? The story of the Good News Journalists that travel the Known World telling stories of Faith, Hope and Love quickly evolved into an institute that crusades around in search of power and wealth. Somewhere else it became a club of elite members constantly judging people to be in or out. Somewhere it started as a great Idea, but got dragged behind by hidden agendas and selfish ideals.
I can go on like this for quite a while.
But somewhere someone sold her stuff and followed. Somewhere someone broke the chains and started to run. Somewhere someone lost his religion and found God. Somewhere someone is still on that journey.
What I would give to be that someone...


simple soul said...

sure, and with church came not less but more. Personally I'm scared by the 'christianize'. I'm sure you know it.. people's language change altogether, it becomes a kind of 'politically correct' kind of church speak. Trouble is , it smacks of insincerety because it is quite often not matched by real love and real caring. quite often it is accompanied by a subtle air of competitiveness, i.e. who is going to be better at this game...

harold said...

would jesus be 'classiified'/'labled as a christian ? dont think so. he allowed God to work through him. nothing else mattered

nothing is real
the way you percieve it
live in the truth

maybe we shouldn't ask WWJD.
but rather
HOW would jesus do/approach it