Thursday, 07 May 2009

Day 2

Outside the thunder is rolling, the winds are picking up speed and the clouds have turned everything gray. On days like this in ancient times, people believed that the gods are angry. Today we know better. Today we know that this is part of nature, no one is angry. It is just life going through growing pains.

But still we pray as if God is angry. Our prayers are filled with words of penitence, “I am so sorry” “Have mercy” “Please God forgive my sins”. Day in and day out, we plead and moan and cry. We go to church, synagogue, temple and mosque. We tithe and fast, confess and commit. We hope that we are wrong and fear that we are right, because somewhere deep in our souls the wounds of ancient superstitions are still sore, still oozing with toxic religiosity.

Somewhere in my struggle to submit to the demands of my religion I have lost Life. That’s what religion does, it sucks life out you. Instead of standing in awe of the thunder and the lightning, we run into our temples and pray to the gods for mercy.

The words from R.E.M’s “Losing my Religion” have been in my head the whole day. I got to let go of the fear. I got to let go of the superstition. To much guilt, I need a breath of Fresh Air.

It’s time to open the shutters.

It’s time to show religion the door.

It’s time to let Life in.

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