Wednesday, 06 May 2009

Day 1

Faith doesn't come easy, not to me anyway. Spend a whole day trying to pray the other day, got stuck. Spend the rest of the week ignoring God, or is it the other way around?
Someone gave me great advice, he said my problem lies with the god in my head. That god never existed. Just something I created to feel good about myself. Or something I inherited from my parents and they from theirs. Generations down the line and we sing and pray and hope and believe in something that does not exist, or that is just a crumb of the Big Loaf of bread we call God.

So now the journey starts. Away with all the baggage, with all the stuff that I used to think of as God. Away with all the cheap answers from people claiming to know everything there is to know about this amazing Mystery. Away with the commercial gospel that photo shops life and all its complexities.

I am looking for the Real Makoya, the Big Loaf.
Are You out there?

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