Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Missional Ponderings of a Leftbehinder

While the perfect Christians have been raptured to go and live in their heavenly mansions of shimmering gold, we, “the left behind followers of Jesus” will have to embrace life here on earth.

For those of us who feel a little left behind, this is my Top Ten Tribulation Survival Guide:

1. Earth is our home. Contrary to popular Christian belief, this is all we’ve got (for now). We were made out of the Earth, this is where we belong. God loves Earth. As followers of Jesus, we need to love it too.

2. God is first love, then grace, then just.

3. The raptured Christians are wrong when they say that the time of grace has come to an end. Grace never ends.

4. Humour goes a long way. It is OK to laugh, especially in (at) church, because the stuff some Christians say about God is really funny.

5. No, the ANC were not responsible for the logistics of the rapture. There is a better explanation for why it did not happen: It is just bad theology, simple as that.

6. There is more than one way to read and understand The Bible…

7. …but to read it in a fundamentalist way is just plain dangerous.

8. Christians need to learn how to believe with more that just emotions. It is OK to use your brain when it comes to God.

9. We are called to add flavour to this life, not to sit and wait for God to take us out of life.

10. Love wins.

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Mauruschka said...

NICE!!! And U agree!