Monday, 23 August 2010

Yesterday, God of our days,

when our hunger for hope

had so weakened us

we could barely speak,

you fed us with

the Bread of life,

spread with the sweet honey

of your grace.

Today, Host to the poor,

when we look for you

in the powerful and the rich,

among the superstar and celebrity,

we will find you

seated with the children,

your knees squeezed painfully

under the table,

entertaining them

with your stories.

Tomorrow, Spirit of Service,

when we will be scrambling

for the seats of honor,

you will be in the kitchen

cooking dinner for the prisoners;

making up the guest room

for the immigrants;

singing lullabies of love

to the lost children

of our world.

God in Community, Holy in One:

yesterday, today, tomorrow, always,

we will pray as Jesus has taught us, saying,

Our Father . . .
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Thomas said...

Beautiful and challenging!