Monday, 11 January 2010


Creation started with the words: “Let there be light”. Millions of years later, an ancient poet king, known as David, wrote that we are bright with Eden's dawn light (Psalm 8).

I wonder if we ask the sheep, cattle, whales, fish, birds, plants, soil and trees that also feature in the David's poem whether we are still shining with Eden's light, what their answer will be. I think they will say no.

Somewhere the human race got lost in the darkness. Eden’s light that was once shining in all of us faded.

When it comes to our true identity, we’ve missed our mark.

Centuries later, a wild Jewish Rabbi told his friends and followers that he is the New Light. The more they got to know him, the more they discovered it to be true. The ancient Light of yonder year, back when we “narrowly missed being gods...” was once again shining in the life of a human.

Later, after his death they remembered his first sermon. “You are the light. I am making you light bearers. I am putting you up on a hill, like a city. Shine, so that other can see the God colours of this world!” (Matthew 5:13-16)

Imagine a world where the ancient light of Eden shines again through every human being.

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