Wednesday, 06 January 2010

The longing behind the list

Every year millions of people make their new year's list. Most of the time it all boils down to the same old stuff. Loosing weight, getting fit, stay healthy, save money, spend more time with family and stop smoking. As individuals our spesific commitments for a new year might differ, but looking at the bigger picture, I believe it all has to do with the same journey: "The longing to return to paradise lost." Somewhere in ancient history the human race lost it's true identity, being made "imago Deo", in His likeness. Our lists over New Year are like prayers or yearnings to be made new or to become new. To find the old ancient path(s) that will restore us with the One in who's footstep we're suppose to follow.

The reality is that no list can ever help us find our path. No self help book, no blog, no mountain hilltop or pilgrimage. It may help us to find traces of His footprints in the wilderness where we got lost, signs saying that Someone came after us, we were not left alone, God sent out a "search and rescue".

A few years ago, while studying, a local church came up with a catchphrase during a time when they as a community were wrestling with the theology behind grace and salvation. The poster on the lamp post near my flat read: "Be found." Behind the words was small boy lost in the wilderness.

To be found.

Maybe that is the message locked up in the secret codes of our New Year's lists.

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