Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Let them have cake

In half an hour from now we’ll be throwing a spur of the moment birthday party for Humphrey.

Humphrey takes care of our garden once a week.

I did not know it’s his birthday today.

But Humphrey arrived here with a big cake.

His birthday must be noticed.

His humanity must be validated.

The cake becomes an outcry, a sort of metaphor reminding us that countless people from all walks of life arrive and leave unnoticed; men and women who never get to blow out candles and hear the cheers of friends and strangers celebrating the honour of being human.

At the place where I work we tend to make a big fuss about the people that look, talk and think like us. The rest, those who we so easily forget, are just given a cake, but without the cheers.

But not today.

Today will be different, because while the lawnmower growls in the background, and the chicken is cooking in the oven my wife is out doing some extra shopping, because a cake won’t do justice to Humphrey’s worth and value in and around our home and lives.

Nduvha lavhudi lamabebo anu Humphrey!


Cobus said...

Thanx, this story was one of the most inspiring "church-stories" I heard in a long time.

de naakte priester said...

Cobus, it was a great party! More than 12 people who work as cleaners, tilers and gardeners in and around our church sat down with Humphrey, my wife and I for a very festive meal. We ate the cake first, then the chicken! In Luke 14Jesus tell a bunch of church folk that the best parties happen when you invite the univited. Where I work, the cleaners and gardeners never get invited to the "real" parties. I hope it can change. Other wise we'll never be or experience the blessing Jesus spoke of in luke 14.