Friday, 28 August 2009

Soul Khaya

In search of a spa as a birthday treat for my wife, I stumbled upon a little spa called The Soul Khaya. In the Zulu language Khaya means home.

In the book "The Irresistible Revolution that I am blogging about for the next few weeks, Shane Claiborne speaks of Christians forming hospitality houses as a new way of living in community.
Tonight our home became a hospitality house, or a Soul Khaya if you will. Strangers became new friends when a group of Jesus Followers from Mozambique joined us for a very simple but soulful dinner.

Religion taught me that church happens in a big building on a sunday, or when Christians pray and read the Bible together.

But recently new voices are helping me to find a Third Way of living with faith. This Third Way is neither religion, nor anti-faith. Rather it's that thing that happens when humans transform their ordinary personal day to day life into little Soul Khayas so that weary travelers can find rest and strangers can become good friends.

Soul Khaya, it's what happened when two friends invited a stranger on their journey into their home, just to discover that the stranger was their old friend Jesus.

Soul Khaya happened this week when a group of Jesus friends took a detour in their daily life to visit a few police stations in the area, taking with them grace in the form doughnuts and good coffee.

Soul Khaya happened around our dinner table tonight.

Soul Khaya, I call debs on the name for the church/community I hope to belong to one of these days.

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