Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Irresistible Revolution

There is a book, no rather a movement, a simple way called The Irresistible Revolution that I have been avoiding like a plague. A year ago or so a good friend told me about a guy called Shane Claiborne and this book that he wrote that broke and changed her life. Ever since I had this freakish fear of reading it.

But now I have come to that dreaded point of no return. A friend who also read it gave me his copy and said: "Good luck, see you on the other side."

I am scared shitless.

So I decided to take, whoever is following this blog, on this irrisistible journey.

Starting Monday, the 17th of August I will do one chapter a week and blog about my journey with Shane and his community called The Simple Way.


Anonymous said...

i fall into the "it scared the hell out of me and changed my life" group...

really loved it...woke me up to a lot of things.

looking forward to your review/take on it.

Catarina Wanderlust said...

I am taking a Careers in Writing class this semester and one of our assignments is to start a blog. This was my idea (although I've read the book), but I thought I would search to see if anyone else has done this before. It's really interesting to me that you just started this on Monday, which is when we received the assignment. I'll have to come up with something new, but I wanted to tell you that this book will shake your faith in the best possible way. I also avoided reading it for about two years. Best of luck to you on your journey--I'll definitely be following along.

Fourie Rossouw said...

Catarina, sorry to "steal" your idea!Finished the book last week, I am wrecked. Will blog about it for the next few weeks.Thanx for your comment on my blog.