Friday, 19 June 2009

Day 45

A prayer that stays in the closet dies in the closet. Eventually we have to get up off our knees, come down from the mountain, climb out of the closet and direct our thoughts and prayers towards Life.

Jesus did this all the time.

There’s this great story of Jesus, Peter, John and James taking a break from everyday life and retreating into the solitude of Mount Olive.

While up there, they had a deeply spiritual and mysterious moment with God. It was one of those Life-validating moments we all long for when we pray. God saying out loud that he is especially proud of Jesus.

If I had a closet-connection like that, I’ll convert my closet into a little shrine and God knows I’ll never come out. Peter suggested something similar; he wanted the moment to last for generations to come.

His plan was to build three huts.

What on earth?

I guess it is suppose to be a metaphor for the new religion Peter thought Jesus would begin.

But Jesus did not fall for it, because he wasn’t the religious type.

Religion turns prayer into the end of the journey, a destination of some sort.

Jesus calls us down from the mountain back into life again, because whatever happens in the closet must come to life among the living.

If not, all we’ll have to show for our effort to pray are three empty huts.

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