Thursday, 11 June 2009

Day 37

A story has more than one way of telling it. That’s just the nature of a good story. That’s also just the nature of good storytellers. You got to keep on telling it, exploring all the different nuances and subtleties until you stumble upon your own unique interpretation. Take the Big Story of the life, death and (re)life of Jesus.

One life.

One death.

One empty tomb.

Four great storytellers.

Four great stories that shaped the history of the world forever. Each with their own unique understanding and interpretation to the significance and meaning of the extraordinary life and teachings of a good friend called Jesus.

Mark was the first, short, bold and straight to the point. It’s Kingdom Come, no time to waste.

Matthew the Jew, dug deep into the treasures of his Ancient past. While taking the scenic route of mysteries and wonders, prophets and poets, he discovered spiritual connections between Jesus and History that blew him away.

Luke, the dream doctor wrote the story to his friend. Together they hoped for a new world that’s Good News to the poor and the vulnerable. In the Way Jesus lived and died and lived again, Luke saw a glimpse of what this new Way should look like.

Somewhere between the three of them there was an (in)visible voice, a 5th narrator, let’s call her “Q”. An anonymous writer with a profound imagination that influenced these great story gurus to keep on writing until all is said and done.

And then there was John, living on his own little planet. Dreaming up metaphors, making profound links, being deeply spiritual, head in the clouds, feet on the earth. A philosopher, theologian and poet who believed in the power of a love called Agape. In the story of Jesus, John saw this Love shaping into flesh and bone, shining like a shimmering light and flowing like a river in flood.

These stories are not the only stories.

There’s the one my grandma used to tell. One of pancakes, ponies and a good man called Jesus who loves children to bits.

There’s the one my friend in Cape Town tells. A Jesus story of a new life growing out from underneath the rubble of a failed marriage and a spirit struggling with depression.

There’s the one the people of my country always tell. One of a grey old world that faded into the shimmering colours of a New Rainbow called Hope and Change.

Although these stories missed the cut off date to be written into the stories of the Bible, it’s still the same Storyteller Spirit who never stopped writing...


Sparky said...
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Sparky said...

Lovely post Fourie... Please don't stop your writing; I read it everyday, even though I don't reply to your posts everyday.

I think we may have a similar view of the Bible. It's a copy of a copy of a photograph taken by an old black and white camera and then coloured in from the viewpoint of someone that recalled the scene from a faded memory.

It's a painting of the truth. The colours aren't exactly the same and the detail is faded in some places, but if you stand back and look carefully, you see a tapestry of stories, experiences and poems woven into the fabric if Life.

Ian said...

Dankie dat jy en El deel is van die storie, brother.