Monday, 08 June 2009

Day 34

Last night I asked the question whether we are missing the point when it comes to the role the Bible plays in the lives of (doubtful) believers. Let’s try to unpack this question.

Are we missing the point?


Yes we are missing the point when the Bible is seen as the one and only truth about God. That only those who read and believe it can know God. It is as if the Bible becomes God and God becomes the Bible.

Yes we are missing the point when we read it as if the context and paradigm gaps between us and the text don’t apply.

Yes we are missing the point when the Bible is used as a sword in human hands to divide, hurt, offend and separate.

Yes we are missing the point when words written to groups of people for the benefit and growth of a whole community, is turned into a book called: “My Bible” where I, the individual, or we a specific group of people can claim exclusive rights to the Truth(s) we get out of it.

Yes we are missing the point when reading the Bible becomes the goal of our faith journey. When we think that this is the only thing God asks of us: To read a very old book.

Yes we are missing the point when we constantly feel guilty about not reading it.

And of course no...

No we are not missing the point when the Bible is part of an integrated spiritual journey defined by an honest longing to know God. On this journey the Bible is a conversation friend, a space where old stories come to life in the lives of those who are reading it. Together with other voices the Bible can help shape our own story towards the Big Story we call God.

How this “shaping of stories” takes place, I am going to need a few more posts to figure out. Stay tuned...


harold said...

someone once told me that the bible is a picture of jesus...

dont see the painted cross.
the blood smeared cloth
look away when your brain shows
the canvass filled with multiplying bread
a lame man walks out with his bed

rather have a look at the brush strokes
the passion filled sweeps of paint
how the cross was painted with love
and painted under the cloth: your sins

stand back and close your eyes
and allow the gentle spirit
to whisper the painting in your soul
into your life

Sparky said...

nice one harold... love it!