Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Day 22

God is a black woman in labour.

God is a gardener planting herbs and aloes.

God is a tea lady cleaning up.

God is a child who’s lost.

God is a beggar standing in the traffic.

God is a maid who drinks out of a chipped coffee cup.

God is the man with the red flag on the side of the construction site.

God is a raped girl crying.

God is a HIV fetes.

God is the mother who carries the sick child inside of her.

God is a father who lost his firstborn.

God is the child soldier who holds the gun.

God is the prostitute who smells of cheap sex and cigarettes.

God is a prisoner waiting.

God is an old man dying.

God is a teenager in love.

God is a couple trying.

God is a community surviving.

God is a country growing.

God is Hope believing.

God is Love going on and on and on...


Sparky said...

Good post... if we can only walk around with this image inside of us - we'll look at others with different eyes.

Didn't Jesus tell us this exact same thing when he said something along the lines of "For as long as you've not done it to these little ones, you've done it on to me."?

AlexSteyn said...

we are all made in the image of God: I read this post. And immediately i thought what is he on about. I read it and i wanted to say isn't it better to say God is with them. God is hope believing is so abstract and i was more comfortable with that. But my mom said remember we are all made in the image of God. How true is it what ever i do or don't do to everybody around me is towards God's own creatures. Not just his creations but unto Himself. I learned something new about my own naivete when it came to the people around me. I looked to white dwarf stars and saw something godly in that. But these people. Not lesser than me not better than me. Made in the same image as i, deserving the same as i, i learned something new today. Something i knew but had to rediscover on this journey.