Monday, 25 May 2009

Day 20

I find myself going back to the compost heap every odd now and then. Digging in the pile of shit, looking for something, God knows what. Hoping that if I work it through, turning it inside out, I will speed up the decomposing process.

But that’s not how manure turns into compost. You have to let it be. Let Father Time and Mamma Nature do the work. You have to release control and rest in God’s good intent.

That’s the great thing about this time of year, the big lesson Life teaches us as the season changes. It reminds us that we have to slow down. Take it easy.



In a society where power and competence equals success and success equals money, our way of life quickly becomes our Way of Faith. Suddenly there is no room for error when it comes to God. No time to waste. No space for grace. If you want to get rid of something you chuck it out. If you want fertilizer, you buy it. You don’t waste your time waiting.

You "just do it".

But as the leafs rot and the smell of old forest floor settles underneath the compost heap in our back garden, I am encourage to the leave behind the fast lane of a success driven religiosity and travel the tricky road in search of a deeper understanding of Life.


pierre said...

All things I've waited for so far turned out to be good, everything I've chased on or after caused great sorrow.

'Die ouer geslag het gese moenie 'n ding ryp druk nie'

I guess they were right - But they were in a different position - They had time!

AlexSteyn said...

I like compost. Not real compost. I don't have particularly green fingers but my folks have. we have a huge compost heap. Often our own compost heap of the soul is made out of past experiences, failures, disappointments, good things as well. (Old flowers also go on that very same heap as dead leaves) I like this meatphor. We use compost to feed our souls. Compost can also be like bible study, conversations with people. Stuff like we are doing today. We can feed ourselves with our compost.

Sparky said...

As I started up Firefox this morning, it automatically loaded the "doubtfuldiaries blog" (my last visited site), and it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, I'm overstaying my welcome. It is past midnight already, the last bottle of wine is just about empty and we're still chatting and laughing as if the evening has just started. Like my uncle always use to joke: "Kom my vrou, ons moet gaan slaap – die mense wil ry!" (Come, my wife, we have to go to bed, the people want to leave.) So Fourie, let me know if - and when - I'm taking over!

I could never understand why "religion" had to be so complex. For a long time it was all about rules and doing the "right" thing. I was incredibly gullible, following every new teaching on baptism, discipleship and what-not. This was my frantic attempt to escape the "wrath of the living God" and I got to the point that I became almost agnostic towards God and faith (i.e. I'll never make it - so I might as well enjoy this bit of life I do have). I slowly discovered that there are no absolutes and no "black" and "white" (and I am rediscovering it as I follow this blog...).

I love today's post and it emphasises something I always knew, but never knew, I knew: The dogma, rules and other religious interpretations of a religious history that smell or rot and decay do have purpose after all. It makes great compost for the truth to germinate and grow!

Fourie Rossouw said...

Sparky, I am part of a group of friends called "The Saints". Everytime we get together there is wine and laughter well past midnight. Your welcome is far from overstay. Keep on posting, love your insights.