Saturday, 16 May 2009

Day 11

Still busy with the “throwing out” theme. Where do I start? What will the label on the first box of Christian kitsch be? How about “Guilt”?

Through the centuries the church perfected the art to turn guilt into faith, service, prayer and tithes. I used to feel guilty about almost every “do” and don’t” that I learnt in church. I should pray more, confess more, listen more, believe more and especially tithe more. I should sin less, doubt less and enjoy less.

Usually to great effect, guilt got me to do all those things.

Except love.

Love and guilt don’t sit around the same table. You cannot love out of a feeling of ought to or ought not to.

Out of guilt we can build houses, move mountains, feed thousands and pray like angels, but still it will amount to nothing.

Because love and guilt just don’t gel.

So I am wrapping up everything I have ever done, because I thought that that is what God expects from me. The list is long. It includes some big names such as The Bible, Prayer, Faith, Charity and Church.

No obligation, no expectation, just pure, honest, broken, vulnerable love.

“A box full of guilt”, sounds like something I should’ve chucked out a long time ago.

But here goes nothing...

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